Linggo, Mayo 26, 2013



  • Undersecretary of the Department of Public Works and Highways
  • Deputy Minister in the Ministry Public Works and Highways
  • Supervisor of Marawi Waterwork District
  • Director of Philippines Association of Free Labor
  • International Contractor, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Governor of Province of Lanao del Sur
Ever since Muslim were given the opportunity to participate in nation building and political activities many of them, particularly among the Maranaws, have stood for election and won as Representatives of their people. A case in point is incumbent Congressman Mamintal Adiong Sr. , First District, Lanao del Sur.

Rep. Mamintal Adiong is a self inspired and self-made leader. being orphaned did not deter him from pursuing his ambition of graduating on top of his class and becoming a top-notch engineer, a profession that is both lucrative and challenging. He is holder of the degrees Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering and Master of Science in Sanitary Engineering both at National University, Manila.

He became well-known as contractor of million-dollar construction project in Saudi Arabia. He have received in various awards, commendations, and citations as a government official and private contractor. He ran and won as Representive of First District, Lanao del Sur. his performance was appreciated by his people who reelect him to the same position, which presently holds.

Rep. Adiong is proving his mettle as lawmaker thought his sponsorship of bills intended to develop his district and people.

Rep. Adiong is ran and won as Governor of Lanao del Sur. Governor Adiong is on the forefront of the peace-keeping efforts in Mindanao. He prioritizes social and economic development program for lakeside communities of the province, and widened the people's income opportunities through the grant of incentives for small business, trading and manufacturing concerns. in his province, government and social reforms are being pushed to obliterate any lines that define ethnic, culture and religious boundaries.

He was born in Saduc Marawi City, Lanao del Sur. He is married to Benjoria Alonto with whom he has six children.

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